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Von: Valerie Schrayvogel

Project Week London

From 25th to 29th May we (35 students from 4AHITN and 3BK together with Prof. Kashofer and Prof. Schroll) went on a sightseeing trip to London. In spite of some troubles at the airport in Vienna, we finally arrived at our hotel Monday morning and immediately started our sightseeing-programme.

Apart from all the typical highlights like Big Ben, Hyde Park, Tower Bridge, the Tower of London and many others we also had the opportunity to get in touch with typically British habits like watching a football match in a pub and having lunch in the parks. At Madame Tussaud’s we asked ourselves if it really was George Clooney or if we were mistaken and while the “Chamber of Horror” there was quite scary, we were a bit disappointed of “The London Dungeon”. Most boys enjoyed the tour at Stamford Bridge (the stadion of Chelsea) and spent their money in the fan shop, while the girls guzzled their money in the diverse shopping streets like Carnaby Street and Oxford Street.

Even though we were tired and our feet really hurt (because of a long walk through Hyde Park caused by Prof. Kashofer) when we arrived at home, we all concluded that we had enjoyed our trip to London very much.

Valerie Schrayvogel, Caroline Atschreiter

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