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4AHITI got londonized

The students of the 4AHITI started their trip on Monday 20th of May at the leisure centre in Ybbs. After a short delay of the bus we travelled to Bratislava; although it was a long bus ride it was quite funny.

The week began like a typical tourist vacation paired with a shopping tour, visiting the main sights of London like Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London and the crown jewels, the rather funny than scaring London Dungeon or the British Museum with its pompous architecture and bunch of cultural artefacts.

While shopping in Oxford Street, Harrods and Camden Town we profited from the low British Pound. Since we were a small group of 17 people we were flexible and able to split into two smaller groups like we did when some of us toured through the MS Belfast and others gazed at Andy Warhol’s Pop Art pictures at the Tate Modern. This also gave us the possibility to be spontaneous and so a few of us decided to go to the theatre and watch “The Lion King”, the lucky ones who where there became audience of an amazing musical and found their highlight of the week. Others went to a typical pub and enjoyed the cozy atmosphere during a football match there.

The only disappointment was the so called guided “technical” tour at BBC, we already got a tour through the ORF studios and this might be the reason why we expected more from BBC. In fact it was a sketchy tour for common tourists but there was also a funny part when a few of us took part in a quiz show.

All considered our project week was a complete success, in spite of some troubles with the underground caused by strikes and long bus rides we all were a bit sad when leaving London at the end of the week because we also became friends with the hotel staff.

On Saturday 26th of May we finally took our flight back home and arrived in Bratislava, most of us fell asleep during the ride back home. Our London trip ended where it had begun.

Finally, we all want to thank Professor Handlgruber and Professor Pölzl, but also Carina Kogler, who organized a nearly perfect project week.

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