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20.11.2017 12:22 Alter: 26 days
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Von: Irene Holawe

!Biku English Project Week

Like in the previous years an English language immersion week was organised for those students who did not opt for studying English in Dublin.

This year’s course was held by an English native speaker called Jerome, working for the !Biku language institute. Despite mixed feelings, everyone was excited about the program of the upcoming week, which turned out to be pretty varied, ranging from grammar exercises to preparation sessions for the finals. However, the highlight was a presentation where the participating students had to introduce their own company and promote a brand-new product. Naturally this required a lot of effort, but it turned out to be a huge success, as everyone in the audience was deeply impressed. When asked for feedback, the participants responded as follows:

“First off, I was really sceptical about the project week. Now after these three days I can safely say that it was worth every penny. My English skills have improved a lot in this week, because speaking a language is the best method to learn it. Even people who are normally shy had to talk in English and nobody was afraid of making mistakes.” (Bernd)

“Although my expectations where rather low, I am really glad about participating in the project week. It really helped me a lot with my English.” (Michael)

“I feared that we would not learn anything new, but the programme was really varied. I particularly liked that we did not do many grammar exercises. We were talking a lot about different subjects, which motivated me to work on my English.” (Johannes)

“I was quite interested in finding out what would happen in this week. I was convinced that we would discuss a lot and play educational games. Now I think I have been able to improve my command of English a lot. However, the best thing was that we really had much fun. Overall this English immersion week was a really good investment. I would participate again if I had the chance.” (Julian)

 “Jerome was one of the craziest people I have ever met. So, we had a real blast.” (Thomas)

Finally we want to thank Jerome for a really awesome language course.  

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