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Von: Ernst Ursprunger

Dublin Language Week

From November 12th to November 17th classes 4AHITM and 4AHITN went on a language week to Dublin enjoying the most beautiful weather Ireland can possibly offer.

Living at host families was a great experience for both students and teachers. Especially new to Austrians is the Irish way of life with their very small, old houses and very cold temperatures in the mostly unheated living areas.

After going to the centre of Dublin by the “DART” train in the morning, the students had to take a 30 minute walk to get to the “Dublin Writers Centre", where they were being taught about the history and development of the country. The native speakers of the language program were very engaged to help the students improve their English speaking skills by playing games or teaching them some words of the old national language “Gaelic”.

The extracurricular activities in the afternoon included a guided city walk to the most famous sights of Dublin, a visit of the famous university Trinity College and its beautiful campus, an interactive guidance at the huge Croke Park Stadium, where the Gaelic football games are held, and a trip to a Greyhound Racing park. Some students also used their free time to watch the Ireland vs. Denmark football match, which took place on Tuesday, from the comfort of one of the many pubs.  Of course many pupils also used their time in Dublin to go shopping in one of the uncountable Carrolls souvenir stores.

Altogether it was a great week with nearly perfect weather conditions in one of the most charming cities in Europe.

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