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24.03.2017 08:05 Alter: 1 year
Kategorie: HAK
Von: Eva Hochenauer


On 13 March 2017, classes 4AK and 4BK headed to Vienna to visit the US Embassy and the Vienna International Centre together with their English teachers Ms Holawe and Ms Hochenauer as well as the American language teaching assistant Brittany Kyle.

Before the students and their teachers had the honour of entering the US Embassy, they had to go through a security check. Then they listened to an interesting and comprehensive speech about “Assimilation, Integration and the American Dream” given by the American diplomat Norman Thatcher Scharpf, whose official position is Counselor for Management Affairs Tri-Missions of the USA. During the following discussion, the students took the opportunity to ask more detailed questions on the American Dream and Mr Scharpf’s personal life history focusing on how to become a US diplomat.

By accident, the group of students met some US Marines when entering the beautiful and historical US embassy building. As they were even able to listen to these young people’s experiences and careers before leaving, all the students were highly impressed by this unique incident.

The second destination of the excursion was the Vienna International Centre (one of the four headquarters of the United Nations), where the group did a guided tour through the building including some information on the UN in general, its history and some of the 17 sustainable development goals in particular. The VIC is famous for housing Austria’s largest conference centre, where more than 3000 conferences are held a year.

In conclusion, the fourth HAK forms spent an exciting day in Vienna and everybody agreed that having the privilege of talking to US Marines was definitely the highlight of this trip.

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