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10.03.2017 08:15 Alter: 1 year
Kategorie: SZ
Von: Eva Hochenauer

Vienna’s English Theatre - MACBETH

On 9 March 2017, the upper classes (HAK 3-5 & HTL 4-5) of SZ-Ybbs watched Shakespeare’s adapted version of Macbeth, performed by four brilliant actors of Vienna’s English Theatre school tours at Stadthalle Ybbs.

The whole audience enjoyed the show and was overwhelmed how a challenging tragedy like Macbeth can be put on stage with only a few props and in so little time. The four young actors did an excellent job in performing nine characters (reduced from 30 in the original version), which was nevertheless a little confusing sometimes. Although the performers spoke very clearly, having read the booklet before helped to understand some difficult scenes of Shakespeare’s well-known masterpiece. The main themes of the play: temptation, greed, power, deceit, murder and guilt are more topical than ever and therefore, the message of this play might be that the will of being powerful at all costs corrupts your soul. Macbeth started out as a noble and honourable man, however, he gave up everything and surrendered to the need of committing murder to become king.

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